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Famous people who suffered from insomnia.

Throughout history there have been many famous people who are known to have suffered from insomnia.

These have included famous writers, poets, scientists, political leaders and many others who have achieved eminence in their lifetime.

In most instances they came to terms with their inability to enjoy the benefits of a full night sleep. Although some suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety, they were nevertheless able to live very full useful lives.


Some famous people who suffered from insomnia


Napoleon is one striking example of a person who managed to get by on as little as three hours sleep. Another famous personality who appeared to need very little sleep was Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill.

It is a well-known fact that, for the most part of his life, Churchill suffered from bouts of severe depression that persisted until old age. Churchill himself referred to this depressive state as his "black dog". It would appear that Churchill’s habit of sleeping only three hours each night was unrelated to his depressive tendencies. However, it must be noted that depression is a very common cause of insomnia and an inability to fall asleep immediately.

Sir Isaac Newton.

The famous British mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, one of the leading pioneers of scientific discovery, whose name is associated with the laws of gravitation, was also known to have suffered from severe depression and inability to sleep.

Thomas Edison the most famous and prolific inventor in history also had great difficulty in falling asleep.

Robert Burns. The Scottish poet, in his personal writings frequently referred to his fits of melancholy and anxiety and his inability to enjoy the comfort of a full night’ sleep.

John Stuart Mill. The famous English economist and philosopher John Stuart Mill was also known to have suffered from bouts of depression and as a result found great difficulty in falling asleep.

Benjamin Franklin, considered by many to have been the most intelligent and able president in American history, who achieved world renown not only as a statesman and diplomat, but also a scientists and inventor, is also someone who suffered from severe bouts of insomnia.

Other American presidents who were also insomniacs were

Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

And in more modern times the name of Margaret Thatcher has been mentioned as sometime who had great difficulty in falling asleep. However, she has been reported as saying: "Sleeping is for wimps!".

Well known writers, who were known to have suffered from insomnia were

Shakespeare, Dickens, Marcel Proust, and Scott Fitzgerald.

Actors and actresses are also not immune:

The names of Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe come to mind.

All these famous people achieved distinction in their various fields in spite of the discomfort, frustration, stress and tension they must have suffered from their bouts of insomnia. It is clear that insomnia is not a life threatening disorder. However there is little doubt that had they been able to enjoy the relaxing comfort of a full night undisturbed sleep every night, their lives would have been immeasurably more comfortable.

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